ADDA – Agricultural Development Denmark Asia TERMS OF REFERENCE: Terms of Reference for the evaluation of the project


The project Strengthening the Voice and Capacity of Vulnerable Ethnic Minority Farmers in Climate Resilience in Northwest Vietnam (VOF) is a collaboration among Lai Chau Farmers Union, Son La Farmers Union, PanNature and ADDA. The project aims at strengthening the voice and capacity of vulnerable ethnic minority farmers in climate resilience in Northwest Vietnam.

The projects activities commenced June 2019 (official project start-up January 2019). The project is implemented in Son La and Lai Chau with a total of six target villages.

The project is in this final stage is seeking a local consulting team to conduct the final evaluation of the project.

1. Final evaluation objectives:

  • To evaluate  the project  outputs  and  outcomes  in relation to the project objectives and their indicators
  • To identify key lessons learnt and provide recommendations that are applicable for future work/interventions by the partners of the project

The project should be assessed based on the following evaluation criteria:


-Does the project meet the needs of local communities and Farmer Responsive Groups (FRGs) and has the project been able to solve those problems and issues faced by FRGs?

-Is the project approach suitable to the context? Especially in climate change adaption.


-Are project activities implemented according to the plan? Are the objectives achieved as planned?

-Have activities of the project been implemented according to the schedule?

-Are there any results that are unexpected? What are the reasons?

-Are the human and financial resources appropriate for the implementation?


-  What is the relationship between the inputs and results? Are they appropriate and relevant?

-  Are resources used economically?

-  Are there any interventions that can achieve the expected outcomes with less cost/inputs?


-    Can the results of the project remain after the project completion?

-    Will FRGs be able to continue with its activities?

-    Are any interventions of the project able to be replicated by other organizations?

-     How can partners/FUs continue the work

2 Main duties of the consultant team:

-    Desk studies

-     Review given questionnaires by ADDA and provide comments for finalization

-     In collaboration with FUs in two project provinces and local facilitators to carry out the survey in the field

-    Conduct interviews and meetings with target beneficiaries (participants) and project stakeholders. These include among others FIGs/farmers, local facilitators, FU provincial, district and commune level

-    Summarize and analyze the data and writing the report

-    Prepare a presentation and share it in the final workshop at Hanoi or provinces

3 Timeframe and deliverables:

Timeframe: The final evaluation is expected to be carried out from 20th July to 6th August, 2022. The first draft of the report will be submitted to ADDA and partners on the 12th August. The consultant will present the findings at the briefing meeting, expectedly on the 15th August 2022. The final report is due on the 30th August 2022.

Prior to the start of field data collection, the Assessment Team should draw up a brief Inception Report, setting out their plan for field activities, for discussion and agreement with the ADDA Program Management.

This Inception Report should include further details of the costs of the field activities.


  • A comprehensive report in both Vietnamese and English;
  • A PowerPoint presentation that summery findings of the report is shared in the final workshop at Hanoi or provinces;


  • At least 5-8 years of experience working in Agriculture Development
  • Extensive experience in organizational development and capacity building for Farmer Groups
  • Extensive experience in conducting project/project evaluations, impact assessment, to provide strategic recommendations for continued support/development of programming/strategies
  • Extensive  knowledge  of  result­‐based  management  evaluation,  ODA,  procedures, as  well  as  participatory  monitoring  and  evaluation  methodologies  and approaches
  • Extensive experience in working with NGO and donors
  • Demonstrated analytical, communication and report writing skills
  • Excellent interviewing, public speaking at high levels
  • Teamwork capacity to work with the target group representatives
  • Excellent English (both speaking and writing skill)

Candidates should send their proposals to ADDA Representative Office in Vietnam via Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before 17:00 pm 15/07/2022.

The proposal should include:

(1) Curriculum vitae and work experience;

(2) A detailed plan for assessment;

(3) The budget for the assessment including professional fees, cost of data collection including travel and per diem cost and costs of report preparation.