Training on developing smart agricultural initiatives and finance management for FRG

On the morning of September 10, 2020, Lai Chau Farmers Association in coordination with ADDA and PanNature organized a training course on developing smart agricultural initiatives and finance management for FRG, local facilitators and members of FRGs to adapt to climate change. There were 15 trainees who were representatives of VOF Project Management Board, facilitators and members of 2 adaptive farmer groups of the project attended the training.

During the two days, participants were guided to practice the following skills: writing a project proposal, submitting and applying for small grants; guide procedures for receiving funding and settle payment in VOF project; Improve capital management skills for farmer responsive groups. 

At the training course, the trainees were encouraged by Mr. Mua A Tru - Chairman of the Board of Farmers Union of Lai Chau province - Director of the VOF Project Management Board to boldly come up with ideas that will benefit the group community; Turn ideas into action through actively seeking and soliciting funding from a variety of foundations and funds, as well as team work and general asset management practices after received fund. 

The training helped trainnees as well as VOF PMU representatives to understand the basics of proposal writing and small grant management to apply in practice, contributing to the completion of the project goals outlined.


Trainees discuss on proposal writing practice