Value chain survey for key agriculture products in Son La


To implement activivity plan in quarter 4 of the project “Strengthening the Voice and Capacity of Vulnerable Ethnic Minority Farmers in Climate Resilience in Northwest Vietnam”, ADDA Representative Office in Vietnam cooperated with PanNature, Son La Provincial Farmer Union to conduct the survey on value chain in Na Si village, Mai Chau district and Na Khai village, Yen Chau district from 22 to 26 of December, 2019. The aim of this survey was to evaluate actual state of production and consumption of Yen Chau longan and mango which considered as two well known and potential products of the local. The research will analyze the advantages and limitations in production, purchasing, preliminary processing and supply chains to provide strategic solutions to increase production and income of the farmers. The team interviewed the core farmers of farmer groups in the villages, met and exchanged with buyers, cooperatives, traders and suppliers.

 Group discussion with the key farmers in Na Si Village, Hat Lot, Mai Chau

 Interview the head of Xuan Tien cooperative in Yen Chau