Ongoing ADDA projects

Each year, ADDA seeks funding for new projects - especially at
DANIDA, Danish CISU, the EU and other public donors. Furthermore, we have increased our efforts to get private foundations as donors to support ADDA’s projects.
The list below is ongoing projects, as well as funding sources. In
most projects, the budget includes approx. 5-10% self-financing
covered by ADDA itself and the partners in the SOUTH.
In 2019, we completed CISOM II project per March 1, 2019 after a three years of project period. And we completed VN-Organic in Vietnam to promote organic farming in July 2019, also after
a three-year project period.
We have been awarded money by CISU for two new projects to
start in 2019. VOF - an eco-project in Vietnam and a new project
called ACSO in Cambodia, which continues our work in Oddar Meanshey Province, with capacity building of cooperatives including formation of association for cooperatives - in fact a CISOM III project.

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