Training on Bussiness plan and Marketing Module 2 in Son La City

In the morning of January 1st, 2021, PMU of Son La Farmer Union coordinated with ADDA organized a training course on business plan and marketing (module 2) for FRGs’ members and LFs (benefitciaries of the project).

The training took place in 2 days from 20th to 21st of January, 2021. There were 31 trainees from FRGs (farmer responsive groups and local facilitators) in Thin village (Xuân Nha commune, Vân Hồ district); Nà Khái village (Sặp Vạt commune, Yên Châu district); Nà Si village (Hát Lót commune, Mai Sơn district).

The project "Strengthening the Voice and Capacity of Vulnerable Ethnic Minority Farmers in Climate Resilience in Northwest Vietnam” (VOF) is being conducted through building models of agriculture village that adapt to climate change. Among the components of the climate-smart agricultural villages, besides the activities of building smart agricultural models, the trainning improved knowledge of the FRGs on business and marketing and it’s very neccessry to ensure the sustainability of the models and contribute to set up model of climate-smart agricultural villages

Mr. Cầm Văn Minh, Standing Vice chairman of Son La Farmers Union giving opening speech

Speaking at the opening of the training, Mr. Cam Van Minh, Standing Vice Chairman of Son La Farmers Union suggested that lecturers should use easy communication method so that trainees would be easy to understand, receptive and practice as well as easy to apply. At the training, with the participatory method that trainers used, trainees were encouraged to exchange, discuss and listen to other’s experiences

Representative of each FRGs presenting their excercises after discussion

Lectures instruct product sale planning skills

At the training, participants were imparted knowledge on business plan and marketing skills. On other hand, they together with lecturers exchanged and discussed how to analyze the market for product consumption, marketing plan, calculating economic efficiency, make a summary of product sale plan, estimate costs and revenue, develop a budget for product sale plan, prepare a complet master plan of the group. The lecturers also gave introduction about cooperatives and cooperative groups