A visit to ADDA Vietnam office of a Danish high school class

On Wednesday September 10th 2014, the ADDA VN Office welcomed a Danish high school class who is visiting Vietnam to study about different collaborations between Denmark and Vietnam. They wanted to come and visit the ADDA office in Hanoi and learn more about ADDA’s work in Vietnam. Ms Arafa Khatib, ADDA Deputy Representative Designate and the team welcomed the student delegation and passionately spread the words about the long-lasting working history and huge achievements of ADDA towards poverty reduction and community development among ethnic minorities in marginalized and remote areas of Vietnam. During discussion, the presentations on ADDA’s ongoing projects were shared with the students, which included Strengthening Farmers Interest Groups among Ethnic Minorities in Northern Provinces (FIGNAHB), Climate Change and Ethnic Minorities in Northern Provinces (CEMI), Legal Aid for Rural Population 2 (VLA2) and Contract Farming Proposal. Some students raised questions to understand how ADDA, an INGO could have been operated in Vietnam for a long time and they were properly answered by Ms Arafa.

At the end of the meeting, the delegation leader expressed her gratitude for ADDA’s welcoming and appreciated the information delivered by the ADDA team as it enhanced the students’ knowledge about the friendly and cooperative relationship between Denmark and Vietnam.

Ms Arafa Khatib presented ADDA VN's projects and achievements over the past years 

 The Danish high school class of 29 pupils and 2 teachers attentively listened to the presentations
and showed their concerns during Q&A session
Dang Thi Thu Trang
September 10, 2014
Picture courtesy by
Nguyen Phi Thuong