FIGNAHB Project: Annual monitoring seminar 2013

According to the project documents, a monitoring seminar will be organized with the PMU, the ADDA expatriate project counselor, the ADDA expatriate project coordinator, the ADDA project manager, the ADDA assistant as well as selected FU representatives at grassroots’ level. The purpose of the monitoring seminars is to seek the causes and explanations as to why activities succeed or fail to succeed, and to produce information that helps to make future activities more relevant and effective.

In collaboration with ADDA office, FUs in provinces of Nghe An and Hoa Binh organized the monitoring workshops in 12th and 19th March, 2014, respectively. Attending to the workshop, there are representatives from all stakeholders including FIGNAHB team, PMUs, FUs of the project districts and local facilitators. Especially, the workshop in Nghe An have received attendance of ADDA country representative – Dr. Harvey Demaine. The main topic for discussion is that how to foster the growth and development production of the farmer groups by having a better access to the market and common business plan among group members in particular.

The monitoring seminar in Nghe An Province

 In the workshop conclusions, FUs of two provinces and all parties agreed that, the project needs to focus on activities supporting farmer groups to access to the market and develop business plan of the groups with the joint forces activities rather than individual households. Besides, documentation activities and advocacy issue need to get started earlier as planned from beginning.


FIGNAHB - Hoi nghi Hoa Binh

Group discussion session of the monitoring seminar in Hoa Binh Province