Strengthening the Framework for Production and Marketing of Organic Agricultural Products in Northern Vietnam


Hoa Binh
Project title  Strengthening the Framework for Production and Marketing of Organic Agricultural Products in Northern Vietnam
Development Objectives 


 By 2020 livelihood and food safety has improved for both producers and consumers in Northern Vietnam through the expansion of organic and safe food production amongst the rural poor, especially ethnic minorities


Immediate Objectives  By 2018 the system for organic and safe foods has been widened especially among ethnic minorities in Northern VietnamBy 2018 VOAA has broadened and strengthen its capacity to engage in strategic partnerships/network with organic agriculture stakeholders in Vietnam to act as a key civil society actor in relation to organic agriculture
By 2018 the framework for production and marketing of organic and safe foods has been improved through advocacy measures to ensure its long term sustainability and acceptance by consumers and policy makers
Target group and participants  The outreach of the intervention will involve more than 1000 ethnic minority producer households. Expansion of area of production and level of outcome in existing pilot areas developed under the previous agricultural project by ADDA (especially Luong Son in Hoa Binh)
Expected Outputs    1.    Expansion of production systems of organic and safe foods.500 new ethnic minority farm households engaged in organic production of vegetables and other new commodities (organic chickens and pigs, mushrooms etc.) 
Further support to at least 40 producer groups and development of the   organic and safe food producer groups, making them capable of accessing    modern markets and qualified for PGS certification
2.    Strengthening the capacity of VOAA and the development of its PGS system as the key agency for the development of organic agriculture in Vietnam
3.    By the end of the project VOAA has organised three major events with policy makers at national and provincial levels, influentialscientific organizations and consumer organisations to enhance advocacy for organicagriculture
Implementation period   36 months starting from 01/4/2016 to 31/3/2019
Partner  VOAA– Vietnam Organic Agriculture Association 
Budget by CISU  3,783, 200 DKK