IPM Vegetable Production and IPM Farmer Training


IPM Vegetable Production and IPM Farmer Training

Project period: Phase I: February 1999 – February 2002; phase II: June 2002 – December 2005

Budget: Phase I: USD 1,100,000; phase II: USD 1,200,000

Donor: Danida

Partner Organization: Hanoi Farmers' Union

Result of the Action
The project has conducted a total of 384 Farmer Field Schools (FFS), where more than 11.000 vegetable farmers have been trained in sustainable vegetable production techniques, food safety and human nutrition for 15 weeks per FFS. The FFS training has resulted in a significant application of the IPM practise in vegetables (also used in all other crops grown by the farmers) in the province, enabling the farmers to make better informed decisions on the management of vegetable production system and manage the household with respect to the nutrients of the vegetables. The pesticide application has decreased significantly and the yield has increased by 25-35% for the trained farmers. Further to the FFSs the project has established 115 producer groups where the members are planning the production according to market demand and are approaching the market together. The farmer groups and the inter groups have strengthened the capacity of the local Farmers' Union, thereby enhancing the market access and production planning at a local level.

The living conditions of the vegetable farmers in Hanoi have significantly improved during the last 7 years. This has been achieved for a number of indicators such as higher income due to higher yield and lower cost for pesticides and fertilizer, better health and an improved market access due to the establishment of farmers groups. Through the mass media campaigns organised by the project, the awareness of health issues related to vegetable production has increased in the population of Hanoi as such. At a local level of the Farmers' Union the management and training capacity have significantly increased, securing a continued implementation after the project period.

ADDA's Role and Its Degree of Involvement in the Action
ADDA was the lead manager, and the project is implemented in collaboration with the Hanoi Farmers' Union. ADDA has been fully involved in all actions of the project in terms of planning, implementation, monitoring, supervision and financial management.